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2017-10-06 a7ddd29

First and foremost, by popular request... we are now showing products from multiple vendors!

That's right, you can now view products from multiple different websites on the internet now! FastTech still appears to have a staggering number of products in comparison, but we also now show products from 3FVape, GearBest, and Hotecig. We will continue to stay on the lookout for more vendors and more products that can be included in our search engine.

Additionally, if you take a peek at one of the search results pages you might notice a few new filters have been created to help sort though the plethora of vaping products. They are:

  • Recently Clicked - We are now keeping track of when items get clicked so you can browse by the products that most other visitors are interested in.
  • Recently Added - For each product that is added to our database, the date they are added is saved so that you can browse the latest products.
  • Recently Updated - If a product already was in our database but a change or correction was made to the description it will show in this list.
  • Vendors - We are now showing products from multiple vendors, and will continue to add more vendors over time.
  • Shipper Origin - In addition to being able to sort by vendor we are also allowing you to sort based on the geographic location that your product will be shipping from.

We've also improved the 'Battery type' filter on the Mods page. Previously the items you could check in the filter were a combination of all the different batteries a mod could hold, which works but it had some room for improvement. Now the filter will only show one battery type, and it will display any and all mods that support that battery type. This helps if you have a lot of 18650 batteries for example, and want to only see the mods that will be able to use your 18650s.

Finally, improvements have been made on the site to help mobile users navigate. The viewport is fixed now meaning the page won't accidentally scroll to the left or right when you are trying to adjust a slider filter. We've also improved the style search results so it's a little less painful on your eyes when browsing.

2017-09-18 df82ff8

Ran through multiple datafeed scans and updated the front-end. Adjusted space by the left arrow on results page and removed the empty space at bottom of the page.


Images are no longer being saved on the server, rather are being pulled directly from the vendor. The downside is that some vendors who do not have an TLS/SSL certificate for the server hosting their images will force the site to use HTTP causing a warning to show in the console since vapegears uses HTTPS.

Product updates can now be performed live without putting the site into a 'maintenance mode'. The date and time when a product gets updated is saved, and if the scan detects that nothing has changed since the last datascan then nothing will happen. When new products are added to a datafeed they will also get a date and time and if a product existed on but the vendor is no longer selling that product it will be removed from our system.

2017-03-18 public launch!


Finished writing code for the filters, beginning work on sorting products


Building with SQL server now and publishing to the domain. No longer using SQLite for databases.


Happy Birthday to