Product Description

The Uwell D2 RTA vape atomizer package contains one RTA atomizer, two coils, two extra tanks, one Allen key, one O-ring pack, one cotton pack, four screws, and one accessory pack. The RTA atomizer features a top filling system and a doubleglass tube top airflow system. It has asolid glass tank with a fulfilling 4 ml juice capacity.

It’s a silver-colored atomizer with a stainless steel construction with minor non-stainless steel parts. The unit has an anti-leaking installation system and a velocity style build deck. It also features a comfortable and easy to use heat-insulated drip tip. It has a small-bore chimney design, which helps build an intense flavor.

The atomizer features a standard 510 threading connection, which makes it easy to pair with numerous vape mods. It allows you to rebuild the coils for a customized vaping experience.

Here are the dimensions of this RTA atomizer:

  • Height:70.3 mm
  • Depth:24.7 mm
  • Width:24.7 mm
  • Product weight:95 g
  • Liquid volume:4 ml

Pros and Cons of the Uwell D2 RTA Vape Atomizer

Here are some pros and consof the AuthenticUwell D2 RTA Vape Atomizer:


  • RTA atomizer provides you with a limitless, intense flavor.
  • It has a handy, leak-proof mechanism, which makes it easy to use.
  • The mod design and construction are both high-quality, which promotes its durability.
  • It’s an easy to use atomizer with quick, comfortable hits.
  • It features a super comfortable drip tip, which leads to an enjoyable vaping experience.


  • The price is a bit steep compared to other RTA mods that offer the same features.
  • The deck is slightly smaller than expected, which comes in the way of the e-juice buildup.
  • You need to learn how to pack the cotton as that is what stops the juice from flooding in the pin chamber.

The Authentic Uwell D2 RTA Vape Atomizer is a handy addition to add to your vaping gear. Even though the atomizer is a bit pricey, it offers an enhanced vaping experience and has ample e-juice capacity. It is durable and leak-proof as well.

This RTA atomizer provides you with comfortable, controlled, and intensely flavorful hits for a customized and enjoyable vaping session. It offers a doubleglass tube top airflow, which results in fine vapors. It has the standard top filling system and makes the atomizeraeasy to use. All in all, it provides you with comfortable, controlled, and intensely flavorful hits for a customized and enjoyable vaping session.


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