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The YFTK Haku Xeta Inside Styled rebuildable atomizer (RBA) is a vape mod? for the BB box mod kit. The RBA has an elevating coil clamp system. Thus, the design makes it easy to coil, making it a good choice for new vape users too.

The RBA has a huge 510 chimney section. Therefore, it will create great flavors and a lot of vapor, making the vaping experience feel great. In addition to that, the 510 threading connection can make it usable with various other mods, even though this is made specifically for the BB box mod kit.

It has a primarily 316 stainless steel construction with Ultem as secondary material. Therefore, it offers excellent durability, so you don't have to worry about taking much care of it when traveling. Despite the stainless steel construction, the vape mod? is lightweight, weighing only 15g. So, it'll be easy to carry around and won't feel heavy in your hands. What also makes this RBA more portable is that it has a diameter of 14mm. So, it won't take much space in your pocket.

This RBA has a simple and easy refilling system. This way, you won't lose any vape juice due to spills. Moreover, the fantastic build quality ensures that there are no leaks in the tank, preserving the juice.

Pros and Cons of the YFTK Haku Xeta Inside Styled Rebuildable Atomizer? Vape Mod

Here is an overview of the pros and cons of the YFTK Haku Xeta Inside Styled rebuildable atomizer? vape mod:


  • This rebuildable atomizer has excellent build quality. All of the components fit perfectly and securely, preventing anything from getting damaged quickly. This also means you won't have to worry about leaks. Also, the 316 stainless steel construction gives the RBA a robust feel.
  • You can build the deck on this RBA like the original one.
  • The vape mod provides great value for the price. The quality of the connections and the machining feel close to a high-end model but a fraction of the price.
  • It is pretty easy to build on this mod. Thus, you don't have to be an experienced vape user to make the most of this device.
  • The RBA also comes with an accessory bag, which includes many spare parts and more.
  • It is an excellent choice for users who prefer the Direct Lung (DL) style. It creates large clouds of vapor and provides good flavors.


  • The RBA is not the best option for some styles of Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) vape users. You may need to add a bit more cotton into the juice portal than the regular amount for a better experience.
  • When the RBA is in the BORO, you cannot install the AFC ring provided.

The YFTK Haku Xeta Inside Styled rebuildable atomizer is a vape mod? that has excellent build quality and functionality at an affordable price. You can't go wrong with this purchase if you are a DL vape user.


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