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The YFTK Short Cranked Styled Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA) is a vape mod? that's compatible with a 510 drip tip. Therefore, it has a 510 threading connection. Thus, you can use it on various vape mods and enhance your vaping experience with this affordable device. Unfortunately, it does not come with a drip tip.

The RDA has a side airflow system, which is an excellent choice for mouth to lung (MTL) users. Therefore, you can expect a smooth vaping experience with a lot of flavor with each puff. Also, it has a triple-groove top cap, which can enhance your vaping experience even more significantly.

This vape mod? a single coil construction. If you're an experienced vape user, you'll manage to build the coils on this with ease. This is due to the wide build deck on the RDA with dual terminals.

The YFTK Short Cranked Styled RDA has a stainless steel construction with a fully silver finish. It has a 22 mm depth and width. So, it's relatively slim, making it great for fitting it into your pocket or purse during the day. What's also great about this RDA is that it includes a bottom feeder pin in the box.

Pros and Cons of the YFTK Short Cranked Styled Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer? Vape Mod

Here is an overview of the pros and cons of the YFTK Short Cranked Styled rebuildable dripping atomizer? vape mod:


  • This RDA is one of the most affordable RDAs you can find in the market with this good build quality. So, considering its quality, functionality, and price, this RDA offers brilliant value-for-money.
  • The RDA has a stainless steel body. So, you can expect fantastic durability from it. You can put your mind at ease even if it slips from your hands and falls onto the floor.
  • You can expect some superb flavors with this vape mod. This is especially so if you use a mesh coil instead of a cotton coil.
  • The RDA has fantastic airflow and is designed for old-school MTL vape users.
  • The 22 mm width and depth and reduced chamber make this RDA easy to carry around with you. Also, it's really light-weight, weighing only 31 g.
  • The RDA comes with a bottom feeder pin, which is a huge plus. The packaging also includes an Allen key for construction, O-rings, and two screws.


  • The YFTK Short Cranked Styled RDA does not come with a drip However, considering the price point and that this RDA is for experienced users, that is acceptable.

The YFTK Short Cranked Styled Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer is a fantastic vape mod? for MTL vape users. It has excellent airflow, durable build quality, and superb flavor. And the best part of all that is that it comes at an extremely low price. This RDA is a brilliant choice.


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