Wondering about the best temperature for vaping? Check out this month's featured blog and learn the optimum temperature for vaping e-juice and other vape-able products.

Looking to blow bigger clouds, optimize the flavour and taste of your e-juice, or just waste less money on burned-out coils?

If so, then you're in the right place!

The temperature that you set your mod to can have a massive impact on your overall vaping experience.

Temperature might be a setting that newer or novice vapers aren't often aware of.

But it's still important to learn about the best temperature for vaping, which results in better flavour output and less discomfort.

Below, we're exploring the best temperatures for vaping e-juice, CBD, and other products.

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How Does Temperature Affect Your Vaping Experience?

To understand why different temperatures can affect your experience, you need to understand the fundamentals of vaping.

Essentially, the goal of vaping is to convert the liquid compounds in your e-juice into that sweet-tasting vapour we all love.

This process is done by heating up the liquid to a certain temperature. This will atomize the molecular compounds found in your e-juice, and turn them into vapour.

However, different products or compounds will need to be vaporized at different temperatures.

Understand the differences in these compounds and know how different temperatures will affect them. And you'll be able to control and customize your vaping experience just the way you want.

Best Temperature For Vaping

Optimizing Your Vaping Temperatures

The temperature that you set your vape will more or less control two individual factors:

  • The flavour
  • The amount of vapour
  • The potency (if vaping CBD or THC)

The quality, consistency, and PG/VG ratio of your e-juice will also have an affect on the flavour and vapour output of your vape.

But overlooking the best temperature setting can decrease flavour, and possible cause discomfort or irritation to your throat.

And both of those, are mistakes you'll want to avoid!

Vape experts usually agree that the optimal temperature for vaping e-juice is somewhere in between 390 to 490 degrees Fahrenheit.

Or about 200 to 255 degrees Celsius.

With the sweet spot usually somewhere in the middle at about 440 Fahrenheit or 227 Celsius.

However, as long as you're vape is set within those temperatures, you'll likely experience near perfect flavour and vapour output.

The more experienced vapers out there will often go one step further to fine-tune their device's temperature within that range to match their preferences.

Best Temperature For Vaping

Generally, the higher you go in this temperature range, the richer the flavour will be.

However, this will results in a hotter vapour, which can cause discomfort or irritation if it's too hot.

For the most flavour punch possible, we suggest trying somewhere between 425 and 450 Fahrenheit, or about 220 to 230 Celsius.

Again, the hotter you go, the more you'll feel warmth each time you take a puff.

So if you find the temperature too hot, or if you find yourself coughing more than usual, try backing off on the temperature a bit.

Vaping CBD And Cannabis

As mentioned above, different flavour compounds and substances will vaporize at different temperatures.

Therefore, vaping compounds other than e-juice, such as CBD or THC oils, will require different temperatures than those outlined above.

Low Heat – 160°C – 180°C/320°F to 356°F

In this lower temperature range, you'll get the best flavour punch from your vape, but you won't get all that much cloud.

You also won't get full compound extraction, which means lower temperatures offer slightly less noticeable effects when vaping THC or CBD.

Medium Heat – 180°C – 200°C/356°F – 392°F

In this next temperature range, you'll still get good flavour, but you'll also get a much more noticeable, denser vapour.

You'll also get better CBD and THC extraction, which means the offers should be slightly more pronounced.

High Heat – 200°C – 220°C/392°F

Finally, at the upper end of the scale, you won't get nearly as much flavour from your CBD or THC vape juice.

But you will get a more visible vapour, and full compound extraction, providing you with the most prominent effects.

Best Temperature For Vaping cbd and thc

Different Types Of Vapes

Note that not all vape mods will allow you to set exact temperatures.

For instance, many pod-style vapes or vape pen devices will only have a single, pre-set temperature, or have vague temperature ranges, such as low, medium, and high.

While there's nothing wrong with using these types of vapes, just know that temperature will have an impact on your experience.

So if you want to learn to target precise terpenes and other flavours or compount compounds, you may need to look for a precise temperature control mod or device.

Best Temperature For Vaping safety

Safety Note – Best Temperature For Vaping

Note that vaping at higher temperatures, depending on the type of coils you use, can lead to your coil's cotton wick drying or burning out prematurely.

This often results in what is called a “dry hit,” which is notable for its terrible taste and likely a harsh cough.

Dry hits are caused when the coil's cotton wick is too dry, either from being burned or by not having enough time to soak in your e-juice.

Therefore, it's especially important to regularly check your wick when you're vaping and experimenting with higher vape temperature.

Despite being unpleasant, dry hits and burnt wicks could potentially expose you to dangerous chemicals.

Best Temperature For Vaping

What Temperature Should I Use For Vaping?

In the end, the best temperature to use depends entirely on what type of product you're vaping, and your personal preferences.

So don't be scared to experiment within the temperature ranges we've outlined above.

Try gradually adjusting the temperature of your vape and noting the effect it has on your experience, and find something you like!

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