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The Origen Little 16 BF Styled Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA) vape mod has a 316 stainless steel construction with some minor parts of other materials. Thus, the design has good durability. So, you won't have to worry about damaging the mod when you're traveling.s

At the same time, the width and weight of the RTA are ideal for portability. The device only weighs 20g and is 16mm slim. So, it's a significantly smaller design than other RTAs in the market. You won't even realize that it's in your pocket or purse.

Moreover, the vape mod has what is known as a dual-post design. Also, it's an easy design to build on. Moreover, it has an adjustable airflow control system. So, it offers personalized vaping experiences for mouth to lung (MTL) users. You can enjoy great flavors because of the airflow system too.

Like most RTAs, this one has a 510 threading connection. So, you can connect this RTA to many different vape gear. The 510 drip tip is also removable.

Pros and Cons of the Origen Little 16 BF Styled Rebuildable Tank Atomizer Vape Mod

Here is an overview of the pros and cons of the Origen Little 16 BF Styled rebuildable tank atomizer vape mod:


  • This rebuildable tank atomizer is easy to assemble and build. So, it's a good choice for new vape users as well.
  • The RTA has an adjustable airflow control system. So, MTL users can personalize their vaping experience to suit their specific tastes.
  • It allows for a nice draw, producing large amounts of vapor with each drag. At the same time, it produces some fantastic flavors. There are no leaks either. So, you won't have a dry hit.
  • Its 316 stainless steel body offers good durability. The build quality of the RTA is also great for the price.
  • It is a significantly smaller RTA than most. So, it's portable yet comfortable to build and use.
  • The vape modis good for squonking as well.
  • The RTA comes with a few extra parts, including 3 o-rings, 2 screws, 1 Allen key, and 1 center pin.


  • The adjustable airflow system is great, but the airflow control ring can be annoying to use.
  • The o-ring doesn't fit well and keeps coming apart. You will have to change the o-ring to use it well.

The Origen Little 16 BF Styled rebuildable tank atomizer is a vape mod that offers a great vaping experience for MTL users. The small size provides great portability. While the design is excellent, the o-ring can cause problems, making it feel loose. However, overall, the RTA offers a lot for its affordable price point.


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