The Different Types of Vapes


Curious about the different types of vapes available today? We'll explore the many styles and variations of vaping devices that you can choose from.

If you're reading this, I can already tell that you've at least heard of vaping.

However, many vapers don't know that the modern box mod setups you often see aren't the only dogs in town.

Since their conception back in 1963, the industry has seen the rise of several distinct types of vapes, often referred to as e-cigarettes.

In the following article, we'll explore the different variations of vapes you can find today. And the pros and cons of each to help you decide which type of vape is best for you.

Various types of e-cigarettes, including a disposable e-cigarette, a rechargeable e-cigarette, a medium-size tank device, large-size tank devices, an e-cigar, and an e-pipe.

The Very First Vape

The first patent for an electric cigarette was created in 1963 by an American named Herbert A. Gilbert. The patent was not fully granted until 1965. However, Gilbert's invention was for a “smokeless non-tobacco cigarette,” designed to be completely nicotine-free.

His invention was designed to give the user a simulated tobacco vapour, meant as an alternative to smoking cigarettes.

While it was nothing like today's modern vapes, this invention paved the way for the more modern “cig-a-likes” and e-cigarettes that you'll often find today. 

A first-generation e-cigarette that resembles a tobacco cigarette. Also shown is a USB power charger, which the battery portion of the e-cigarette can be disconnected and recharged with.


It wasn't until several decades later that Hon Lik would revolutionize the very first “cig-a-like” device in 2003. Similar to Gilbert's invention, Lik's was designed to provide the user with a nicotine delivery alternative.

Lik was a heavy smoker himself. After witnessing his father's death due to lung cancer, he set out to invent a device that could more healthily replace cigarettes while still delivering a dose of nicotine.

For many, especially those looking for a nicotine alternative and a way to quit smoking, Lik's invention was a huge success. However, it wasn't until a few years later, in 2006, that modern cartomizers and atomizers were to hit the market.

In turn, these gave way to a whole new generation of box mods, vape pens and pod vaporizers.

E-cigarette user blowing a large cloud of aerosol (vapor). This activity is known as cloud-chasing.

Mods Or Box Mods

As the most popular type of vape on the market, a box mod kit, also known as a mod, offers more power, better performance, and usually an extended battery life.

Box mods usually offer a few extra features, such as heat settings and variable wattage control. However, not all box mods have these settings.

Most box mod kits come with a single or double battery mod, coupled with a mid-range sub-ohm tank. But in reality, you can find all sorts of different box mod kits, ranging in price for beginners through to experts.

types of vapes

Vape Pens

You'll often see vape pens used for vaping cannabis or CBD oils. However, you can also use them for vaping traditional e-liquids as well.

Vape pens come in all sorts of different sizes and configurations. But they're usually designed to be smaller and more portable than traditional box mods. However, they won't offer the same level of performance or the same battery life as with a box mod setup.

You'll also find vape pens that are either disposable or reusable.

With disposable vape pens, the entire device and battery are thrown out once the tank is empty. Whereas with a reusable vape pen, the tank can either be removed and replaced. Or in some cases, you can refill it.

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As one of the newest types of vapes to have hit the market, pod systems are designed to be simple, convenient, and easy to use.

Being more practical than other types of vapes, a pod vape usually comes as a two-piece device. Where one piece is the battery or power supply, and the other is the replaceable or refillable pod.

These are very similar to vape pens. However, instead of using 510 threads, pod vapes are designed to simply click into place. 

Because they're smaller and simpler devices, pod vapes are usually slightly more affordable than purchasing an entire mod kit, tank, coils, and juice. However, despite being a more affordable product, pod vapes, such as the Juul, perform just as, if not better than traditional “cig-a-like” vapes.

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How To Choose The Best Type of Vape

When it comes down to choosing the best type of vape for your personal needs, the decision will usually boil down to your personal preference, budget, and your commitment to vaping.

For instance, while it's quick and affordable to get started with a smaller vape pen or pod vape, many hobbyists don't find them fun to use since you can't do anywhere near as much customization to the device.

On the other hand, for those that are merely looking for a cheap and simple-to-use alternative to smoking, a pod vape, such as a Juul, is often ideal.

That said, your budget will play a massive role in deciding the best type of vape for you. 

Smaller vape pens and pod vape kits usually only run between $20 to $50 to get setup. On the other hand, box mod kits can run you anywhere between $100 to a few hundred dollars for a basic starter kit. 

So as you can see, there's plenty to choose from when it comes to vape styles and designs.

So don't be scared to shop around. Learn about the pros and cons of each type of device. And look for a vaping device that you'll genuinely love using.

types of vapes

Vaping in 2021

Although vaping is still a relatively new trend, most believe that it's here to stay.

Not only is vaping more cost-effective and healthier than smoking tobacco. But there's much to be said about choosing from hundreds of different flavours and customization options. All of which make vaping the fun and exciting hobby that is it today!

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