Product Description

AV Able SS Edition Mechanical Vape Mod Kit includes one mechanical mod, one handy RDA atomizer, two coils, one O-ring, and a compact screwdriver. The sleek, gun-colored mechanical mod has a stainless-steel construction, with minor non-stainless-steel parts.

The mod features a standard 510 threading connection, which makes it compatible with a wide array of atomizers. It houses a single battery with a form-factor of 18650. It supports a maximum battery length of 65 mm. The battery does not come with the package, so you will have to buy one separately.

The rebuildable dripping atomizer has a stainless-steel construction as well. It features a comfortable, removable wide bore drip tip that sits easily on the mouth and leads to an exceptional vaping experience. It also has a dual-post design for easy single coil buildup.

The RDA has a standard 510 threading connection, which enables it to pair well with most vape mods. It has an overall diameter of 24 mm. This RDA also features an impressively deep juice well that ensures the unit does not leak. It also promotes high-quality vaping with intense, flavorful clouds.

Here are the dimensions of this product:

  • Product Weight: 221 g
  • Height: 124 mm
  • Depth: 24 mm
  • Width: 24 mm

Pros and Cons of AV Able SS Edition Mechanical Vape Mod Kit

Here are some pros and cons of the AV Able SS Edition Mechanical Vape Mod Kit:


  • It's a well-priced mechanical mod kit.
  • It's sturdy, compact, ergonomic, and easy-to-use.
  • The rebuildable dripping atomizer allows you to change the e-juice frequently.
  • The high-quality RDA provides excellent flavor.
  • The drip tip is wide and well-made, which makes it easy to use.


  • Since it's a mechanical vape mod, it does not offer the compelling customizable features of a digital mod. These include variable wattage, variable voltage, and temperature control.
  • You will have to buy the battery separately.

AV Able SS Edition is a practical, well-priced, and durable mechanical vape mod kit. Since it features a rebuildable dripping atomizer, you can rest assured that it will provide you with an incredibly flavorful vaping experience. Even though the mechanical mod does not offer any customizable features, it is convenient to use and designed to provide a comfortable vaping experience to the user. All in all, it's a good buy for anyone looking for a reliable mechanical vape mod with an RDA.

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