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Chi You Mechanical Mod

There are tons of imitating concepts out there, but Mojo comes with the real badass Chi You Mod. It is one of the most crave-for, well-known and loved fully mechanical gadget currently on the electronic cigarette market. Only skilled and experienced folks with a bit of mechanical prowess should purchase a Chi You.

The engraving is stunning, each Chi You Mod portrays a serial number and is magnificently engraved with an oriental figure and writing style. It goes a long way to interpret the artistic themes of the Korean people.

The present sets of Chi You Mod come in brass or stainless steel with an air control ring and tubes for 18350, 18490/500, and 18650 batteries.

It possesses a bottom cap lock ring and a top cap with a telescopic center pin to accommodate those three battery sizes. Your Chi You can become bigger or smaller as you wish. Mojo also makes tasteful Chi You drip tips to fit the aesthetic endowments of these devices.

V.I.P. Rose PC Flat Mouthpiece Long 510 Drip Tip

The V.I.P Rose PC Flat Mouthpiece Long 510 Drip Tip is a masterpiece with a well crafted built. It is an innovative product crafted passionately to add class to your vaping lifestyle.

If you like trying out new or awesome flavors with a classic drip tip, you will appreciate the practice of using this V.I.P mouthpiece. With a drip tip like V.I.P Rose PC Flat Mouthpiece Long 510, you have absolute freedom to switch between flavors any time you want. It offers a higher level of customization, encourages enhanced flavor, and provides unmatched clouds of vapor with better airflow.

Rhombi Pattern Anodized Aluminum 510 Drip Tip

Adding style and color to your accessories is never a bad thing to do. The deriving of maximum flavor from your e-liquid is also not a taboo. The Rhombi Pattern Anodized Aluminium 510 Drip Tip takes your vaping experience to a whole new level. It is aesthetically invented to provide an extremely smooth cool feel for the die-hard vapers. It seamlessly fits in into most 510 accessories that are capable of using a drip tip.

Resin Wide Bore Drip Tip for KENNEDY RDA Atomizer

Here is another tastefully designed bore drip for vapers who wants get more exotic flavor from their e­liquids by dripping their Kennedy RDA Atomizer. Like most drip tip, this buddy helps in pouring your e­liquid directly on your Kennedy RDA Atomizer instead of using a cartridge, cartomizer, or clearomizer. Even newbies can effortlessly become ninja drippers using this well-crafted fellow.

YFTK Pico V2 Styled RTA Rebuildable Tank Atomizer

Without mincing words, the Fumytech WindForce RTA atomizer is a must have for cloud chasing vapers! The Fumytech Windforce RTA is amazingly designed with the top filling system. That means you can fill the RTA through the filling holes, which perfectly avoids leaking. Besides, the top and bottom airflow control system promote a classic vaping lifestyle which allows you to enjoy a great vapor experience.

Authentic Smkon Deepfire RTA Rebuildable Tank Atomizer

The Deepfire was conceived and manufactured by Smkon. It has a 25mm dual coil configuration RTA (Rebuildable Atomizer) that features top filling, adjustable airflow, and juice flow control and holds 4.5ml of E-Liquid. In addition to their benevolence, Smkon features a singularly unique locking mechanism to the deep fire mastery.

The overall design of the Deepfire is perfectly streamlined, and all of the parts are well made using 304 Stainless Steel and Pyrex glass. Owners or potential buyers should be thankful to Smkon for the inclusion of a replacement glass tube should an accident occur. The overall diameter of the Deepfire is 25mm so that it will overhang on a lot of mods. The tank does feature a single logo which is magnificently engraved on the chamber.

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