Product Description

Kepler Bird's Nest 18650 Hollow-out Mechanical Vape Mod is a stylish mod with an intricate design. It is made from copper, with minor parts that are made from non-copper material. It's quite lightweight and ergonomically designed.

This Kepler Bird's unit houses a single 18650 battery with a maximum support length of 67 mm.The battery does not come with the vape mod.It features a standard 510 threading connection, without the 510 center pin.This means that the atomizer will connect to the battery directly. It also features a magnetic firing button on the bottom with a locking ring that is not reverse-threaded.

Here are the dimensions of this product:

  • Depth: 22 mm
  • Width: 22 mm
  • Height: 91 mm
  • Product weight: 99 g

Pros and Cons of Kepler Bird's Nest 18650 Hollow-out Mechanical Vape Mod

Here are some pros and cons of Kepler Bird's Nest 18650 Hollow-out Mechanical Mod:


  • This copper mod is incredibly lightweight, which makes it quite easy to carry and use.
  • Despite its intricate design, it's a durable mechanical mod.
  • It provides you with a relaxing, no-fuss-involved vaping experience.


  • The mod does not come with a battery, which means that you will have to buy one on your own.

Kepler Bird's Nest 18650 Hollow-out Mechanical Mod is a beautiful, well-crafted, and sleek mod. It is a practical, functional mod, which will help you enjoy a fun and relaxing vaping experience. This mod is ideal for anyone looking for a no-fuss, durable mod that can last them a while.

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