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The SXK Stickman box mod is one of the best vape box mods out there. It is made from carbon fiber, stainless steel, and polyoxymethylene. Furthermore, it is equipped with a powerful Evolv DNA 60 Chip, which is essentially a digital switched-mode DC-to-DC converter that is regulated by battery power. It's used quite commonly in good-quality personal vaporizers.

SXK Stickman features an OLED Screen, Wattage Control, Preheat, Temperature Protection, waterproof buttons, and protection from reverse polarity. The chipset is operated from a lithium-ion battery or a single lithium polymer and comes with a battery monitoring facility. SXK Stickman is powered by a 21700 battery, which does not come packaged with the box, offers a power output of 70W and comes with a 18650 adapter ring.

Moreover, the mod comes with an incredibly comprehensive user manual that details all of its features and how you can make the most of it. It features a 510 threading connection. This means that it has 10 screw threads that connect the five-millimeter long vape cartridge with the batteries.

The surface of the box is white or black with a nice sheen on it. It also has silver detailing around the battery cap, and the OLED screen is protected with a gray rubber surface.

Pros and Cons of SXK Stickman SLGT Box Mod

Here's an overview of the pros and cons of the SXK Stickman Box Mod:


  • This is inarguably one of the best vape box mods in the market due to its
  • The sleek design and ergonomic, small shape of the box mod make it quite easy to hold and operate.
  • The chipset is ideal for a personalized vapor and enhances the vaping experience.
  • It comes with temperature protection and reverse polarity protection. This will protect your mod from incorrect current flow and prolong its life.
  • If the attached atomizer short circuits, the OLED screen will display the information right away.
  • The manual that comes with the product is extremely helpful as it details everything you need to know to operate the mod effectively.
  • The battery cap has a user-friendly design with tiny ridges in it, which makes it super easy to unscrew.


  • The biggest downside to this product is that it does not come with a battery or USB connection.
  • The screen is a bit dim, which means that the displayed information might not be visible under direct sunlight.
  • If used roughly, the stainless-steel finish can be
  • The buttons on the mod might rattle after repeated usage.

After weighing the pros and cons, we can say the SXK Stickman SLGT Mod is a high-quality box mod with exceptional features.

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